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Rebecca J: Merry Christmas (33 Pics) Added: 24/12/07

Rebecca Jessop and all the girls at would like to wish all our guests and members a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year in 2008. Enjoy Rebecca's final photoset of 2007 as she strips out of a vibrant red pvc outfit especially for you with a bonus number of topless photos!

Michelle: A Red Christmas (57 Pics) Added: 21/10/07

Michelle wanted to do a special christmas set to thank you all for your membership and support. She knew she wanted to wear Xmas red, but didn't know whether to wear leather, rubber or pvc. She couldn't decide, so did a few in each! And a few topless ones too!

Rebecca J: Christmas (Movie 57.9MB / 4.10mins) Added: 19/12/07

Rebecca met up with us this week and insisted on recording a Christmas wish for you. A very funny video to watch with Rebecca getting her ample breasts out for you!!!

Mellie: Taking a Walk: Part 2 (35 Pics) Added: 17/12/07

Meet Mellie - she absolutely loves wearing leather, pvc and rubber!!! She often wears it when she goes out and so we joined her for a lunchtime wander along a busy road! Then she decides to strip off back at the apartment.

Mellie: Taking a Walk: Part 1 (36 Pics) Added: 13/12/07

Meet Mellie - she absolutely loves wearing leather, pvc and rubber!!! She often wears it when she goes out and so we joined her for a lunchtime wander along a busy road! Then she decides to strip off back at the apartment.

Claire: Smoking (Movie 55.0MB / 2.17mins) Added: 10/12/07

We were doing a photoshoot with Claire and she wanted a cigarette break, so she went into the corridor to enjoy one dressed in her leathers and stilettos. We didn't have our video camera with us, but it didn't stop us getting her on video for you to enjoy!!!

Kimberley: Gold Boob Tube (44 Pics) Added: 06/12/07

Kimberley is going out tonight. She has decided on the gold boob tube top, but unsure of what to wear with it. What do you think looks best; red leather Miss Sixty jeans, very short denim hotpants or the black micro mini skirt?

Katarina: Rubber Bridge (47 Pics) Added: 02/12/07

This was great fun for everyone - Katarina, us and everyone driving past! Katarina is kitted out in a sensational latex outfit - A very sexy red latex dress, a black latex jacket and red thigh length boots! She is wandering across a road bridge that crosses a very busy dual carriageway. She even leans over the side of the bridge to give cars below a great view and us another awesome view!

Claire: Cream Leather (39 Pics) Added: 28/11/07

Claire is posing in a very sexy pair of cream leather Miss Sixty jeans with studded waistband, a matching bustier and cute fluffy stilettos. It got a little warm in this modern apartment, so we suggested she remove her top.... which she did!

Hollie & Stacey: The Journey Pt2 (Movie 47.2MB / 6.19mins) Added: 25/11/07

New babes Hollie in the shiny black PVC suit and Stacey in the red PVC skirt, jacket and thigh boots take a ride on a train and a bus in this two part video.

Hollie & Stacey: The Journey (Movie 47.1MB / 8.21mins) Added: 21/11/07

New babes Hollie in the shiny black PVC suit and Stacey in the red PVC skirt, jacket and thigh boots take a ride on a train and a bus in this two part video.

Devin: The First Shoot: Part 2 (37 Pics) Added: 18/11/07

This is a collection of photos from one of our first shoots with Devin, one of our most popular girls. See her having fun trying out some poses and outfits before the serious photos start!

Shantelle: Red Thigh Boots (37 Pics) Added: 15/11/07

Shantelle loved these red thigh length boots and so we did a few fun photos of her in the boots and a couple of matching outfits. Some of the silver PVC dress photos were done behind a window, the others were taken in the same room. The second batch of photos feature Shantelle in a kind of "Superhero" inspired outfit!

Michelle: Great Britain (41 Pics) Added: 12/10/07

Michelle decided to show a bit of patriotism by wearing an awesome latex Union Flag design bikini top teamed up with tight 3/4 length leather jeans and sexy red stilettos. As Michelle is a gorgeous Brit on a British website, we agreed!

Emily C: Bus Stopping Latex (44 Pics) Added: 8/11/07

Meet Emily - A guest to - We met Emily at a local bus station and chatted to her as she waited for a bus. Luckily we had our camera with us and she was dressed in a very sexy black latex military style dress with contrasting red thigh length boots!

Vanessa: Vanessa For Hire (40 Pics) Added: 4/11/07

During the filming of our DVD, "Vanessa For Hire", Vanessa spent a short while trying on outfits to work out which ones would be best to act as the high class escort for the DVD. You can see how much she enjoyed trying them on from her expressions - especially the last few in the tight black latex catsuit!

Claire: Crushed Leather Cutie (56 Pics) Added: 31/10/07

Watch popular leatherhoney Claire as she poses for you in a pair of sexy crushed leather pants and cute top and high heel shoes. She loves these kind of photos as you can see from her expressions! She even removes her top towards the end!

Katarina: Hotel Fun: Part 2 (51 Pics) Added: 28/08/07

One hotel room, a camera and a box full of sexy clothing. This could only mean one thing - lots and lots of fun in the hotel corridor!

Kimberley: Farm Girl (43 Pics) Added: 24/10/07

Kimberley is a new face to - Wearing leather look jeans in a very dirty and worn condition with sexy black top and shiny pvc jacket, she took a walk with us to a local farm for some photos on a very sunny day! Let us know what you think of this sexy brunette.

Katarina: The Aiport (Movie 47.0 MB / 8.03mins) Added: 22/08/07

Katarina is going on a well-deserved holiday! Watch her as she packs her bag full of leather, pvc and latex with stiletto shoes and thigh high boots, then heads to the airport (for real!!!) in shiny black pvc and clear stiletto shoes.

Rebekah & Morgan: Leather Limo (43 Pics) Added: 17/10/07

Busty Brits Rebekah and Morgan are back having fun in and around a stretch Hummer Limo! Starting off in leather jeans and bustiers, they waste no time stripping each other off and having a bit of fun before slipping into some sexy leather mini skirts all finished off with high heeled shoes! You should have heard the leather clothes on the leather seats!

Laura: Loving Latex (21 Pics) Added: 13/10/07

leatherhoneys' latest new babe Laura makes a real entrance in two of her own latex outfits; a vibrant blue police woman style dress and a tight orange catsuit - both with thigh length boots! Wow! Laura really does seem to love latex!

Devin: The First Shoot (31 Pics) Added: 08/10/07

Before doing any photosets, Devin tried on a few outfits and poses. This is a nice mix of poses and candid shots in some very sexy pvc and latex outfits.

Michelle: In The Garden (63 Pics) Added: 02/10/07

Michelle doesn't like gardening, but it is a job that simply has to be done sometimes. To make it more enjoyable she slips on her favourite leathers and stiletto shoes. Then goes topless as the Summer day heats up!

Katarina: The Shower (27 Pics) Added: 01/10/07

Its easy to get in the shower and forget to take your clothes off isn't it? regular Katarina shows it is easily done as she cleans up in her patent boots, plastic skirt and flimsy white t-shirt!


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